Over 26 Years Experience and Expertise

Dhunna Capital Management Team

Kanwaljit Dhunna

Managing Partner

Kanwaljit Dhunna is working as Real Estate Investor for the last 28 years, He has personally bought and sold numerous properties.  Mr. Dhunna is also a CO РGP on 137 Units in North Charleston in South Carolina

Mr. Dhunna owns an independent Mortgage Brokerage and lends out private equity using personal and investor funds in excess of 45 million in the last 2 years and over 100+ Million through the last 18 years. These investments have yielded high returns for our investors often in excess of 15%.

Mr. Dhunna is also a Real estate salesperson for the last 26 years and has assisted small and large investors to purchase both residential and commercial real estate. He has a great understanding of what makes a property a good investment and is able to provide consulting to clients and has now decided to use these talents to purchase multifamily in the US.

Amrit Dhunna

Managing Partner

Amrit Dhunna is a Mortgage Agent at RK Mortgages for the last 7 years assisting clients with getting financing using institutional and private equity. Amrit has assisted his clients secure private financing in excess of $27 Million which has allowed them to invest, pay debt and overall have a better financial future.

Amrit has also helped secure property investments for his clients including condos and investment homes throughout Ontario, Canada. These investments have grown substantially due to Amrits due diligence which allowed his clients to time the market correctly

Ruby Dhunna

Managing Partner 

With over 14 years of experience as a mortgage broker, Ruby Dhunna has established herself as a leader in the industry. As the founder of RK Mortgages, she has steered the company to record-breaking success, helping countless clients achieve their homeownership dreams.

Ruby’s expertise, coupled with her dedication to excellence, has made RK Mortgages a trusted name in the market. Beyond her professional achievements, Ruby is committed to giving back to her community, embodying the values of compassion and integrity in all she does.